Katie Hobbs
Secretary of State

​​Geraldine Peten
State House LD4

​​State Representative Dr. Geraldine “Gerae” Peten believes in equity for people first. Equity in education, justice and economics. And she possesses the credentials, experience and commitment to achieve these goals for her constituents and their families. Gerae brings her most important values of honesty and integrity to the issues in LD4: water policy, roads and infrastructure, and stable employment.

Raul Grijalva
US Congress (CD3)


Deedra Abboud
US Senate

Hiral Tipirneni
US Congress (CD8)

Kathy Hoffman
Superintendent of Public Instruction

Kelly Fryer

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January Contreras
Attorney General

David Schapira
Superintendent of Public Instruction

Steve Farley

Kyrsten Sinema
US Senate


Lisa Otondo
State Senate LD4

During the last six years, State Senator Lisa Otondo has worked diligently to support public education, bring jobs and economic development to LD4, and focus her efforts on becoming an expert in the areas of water management and best land practices for our state. She’s fought to protect consumers and also protect our most vulnerable children.

Bill Pierce
State Mine Inspector

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Kiana Sears
Corporation Commissioner


​​​​​Arizona Legislative District 4 Democrats


David Garcia

Sandra Kennedy
Corporation Commissioner

Mark Manoil
State Treasurer

Charlene Fernandez
State House LD4

​​State Representative Charlene Fernandez is one of the legislature’s strongest advocates for public education, frequently pushing for more school funding from her position on the appropriations committee. Her goal: to continue her mission to raise teacher salaries, fight for rural Arizona’s fair share, and implement common sense solutions for the residents of LD4.

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Bill Mundell
Corporation Commissioner

Southwest Maricopa County

Roberta Neil Miller
Clerk of the Superior Court

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